What does it take to sell your home at the highest possible price in the least amount of time?  It is all about pricing, planning, preparation, and promotion! Kate's approach is highly personal - you will always feel confident and fully in charge of each step in the home selling process.

1. Strategic Pricing

You want to get a selling price as close to the asking price as possible. Buyers are well-informed and Realtors do extensive research on pricing for their clients. If you start out by pricing too much higher than recent sales in your neighbourhood of similar homes with similar improvements and upgrades, you run the risk of being ignored by buyers and their Realtors. This is where Kate Robichaud comes in: giving you the right data on truly comparable homes and the opportunity to personally tour those currently on-market that you'll be competing with.

2. Comprehensive Planning

It isn't just about the List Price - that's why Kate will plan every detail with you.  “Price”, “Closing Date”, “Chattels Included”, “Fixtures Excluded” and “Conditions” are what you and the buyers will focus on during negotiations. In each of these we need to be sure you have room to negotiate.  Kate will help you establish your priorities and assess, evaluate the impact of a shorter or longer closing date and the financial versus emotional issues involved with what you include or exclude.

3. Staging 

Appearance is critical – the look and “feel” of your home will generate a greater emotional value than any other factor. Statistics show that professionally staged homes sell five times faster than un-staged homes, and for more money.  Kate provides free of charge a complimentary staging consultation with a professional stager. 

4. Thorough Preparation

Kate Robichaud also carries out an in depth inventory of your homes features -  Kate doesn't just rely on pretty pictures, she gives the Buyers the details they want about every aspect of your home. Floor Plans are prepared next - you won't believe what a difference these make to Buyers in helping them "see" themselves in your home. Then it's time for superb videography - which will be done well in advance of going public! 

5. Expert Marketing

Kate Robichaud makes sure every Realtor in the GTA sees your Home on the three Real Estate Boards that cover the Oshawa -Newmarket- Niagara area: Toronto, Oakville/ Milton and Hamilton/Burlington. Yes, this is going the extra mile and Kate has found it is worth it.  Attached to each listing will be the Floor Plans, detailed inventory of your home's room by room features, your survey and the top notch videography. The Listings go viral throughout the web - posted on too many places to list here. A professional brochure is published for Buyers to take with at each Showing. Kate will have discussed and agreed with you on other promotional activities - realtor's open houses, public open houses, just listed cards to your neighbours, print ads, facebook ads -the goal is to get full exposure.

6. Personally Managed

And very important, Kate Robichaud personally manages the showing process and is in touch with you daily - you get Kate, no assistants. Kate obtains feedback on every showing right away and discusses it with you. You will feel supported and cared for throughout what is, there's no two ways about it, a period of dislocation. Kate Robichaud will be there protecting and promoting your interests.

7. Superb Negotiation

Kate Robichaud will negotiate skillfully on your behalf to get you the right sale price on the right terms. There are many options for how and when you proceed to consider Offers - she will go over these with you and pick the best strategy. The Offer documents are long and complex. Kate will spend time with you in advance, going over these documents. When the Offer comes in, this helps you focus on the key negotiation issues rather than the paperwork in front of you - Kate Robichaud will ensure that it is comprehensive and protects your best interests.

8. There for You - to Closing and Beyond

Kate personally follows through on the myriad of details that are required before Closing.  She will look after ensuring all Buyer Conditions are cleared properly, and that all documents are sent to your lawyer, your mortgage broker, insurance company etc. Kate will help you with sourcing movers and remind you of all the little tasks that need your attention - utility connections etc.  Kate's intention is to develop friendship and mutual regard - and Kate will be there for you well beyond your Moving Day - available for any questions or referrals you need.