Experienced home buyers know that there’s more to look for than a good neighbourhood and a sturdy foundation.  They shop with their hearts and their heads – and with the expert advice of a trusted real estate professional like Kate Robichaud.  Kate will make sure you enjoy your house-hunting adventure. Here are the savvy steps you will follow.

1. Set the Right Price Range

Kate will ensure you're focused on looking at homes you can afford. To start, Kate will review any questions you have about your home purchase costs and how they fit with your household monthly budget.  And should you wish, Kate will facilitate a Mortgage Pre-Approval to ensure you can go forward in the search without worrying about the lenders.

2. Define Your Needs and Wants

Harder than it sounds - we all value things differently!  Kate will help you organize your thoughts about your shopping list for your new home. Then Kate will divide it up with you into must-haves, would-be-nice items and deal breakers. As you look at each home available, we'll come back to this list every time, ranking the homes we see against it.

3. Narrowing the Neighbourhoods

Choosing where to live is a balancing act of many factors: Price, Convenience, Amenities, Available Home Styles, Emotional Gut Feel and Taste.  Kate Robichaud knows Oakville and Burlington in depth.  Before you start looking at individual homes, we'll figure out which neighbourhoods you would prefer to live in and rank them according to what matters most to you.  Style and Age of Homes? Schools? Stores? Access to highways and public transit? We will also go over the different sale price ranges for the type of home you're looking for in the different neighbourhoods - all of this data will help you in narrowing down your search to the right areas for you.

4. Assessing the Top Pick

When you’ve found a home that really appeals to you, let's go back with your significant other, or friend or family member. Having someone who isn’t personally vested in the property can give you the objective opinion you need before you make your decision to proceed. Kate will ensure you've got all the relevant data that matters to you - school rankings, bus routes, community programs availability, and that you have seen every aspect of the community that affects your choice, before your proceed.

5. Getting the Ducks in a Row

Kate Robichaud is experienced at acting fast in a sellers' market and in judging strategy in a buyers' market. Again, it's always a balancing act; Kate will make sure you take the time to make the right decision for you. All the paperwork will be ready to go and the home inspection and legal experts ready to access immediately should you decide to proceed quickly.

6. Helping You Home!

Kate is with you all the way to your move-in date, sorting out the little details of the transaction with your lawyer and bank, helping you with the many tasks and questions that come up - insurance, utilities, tax accounts, movers, schools, tradespersons, cleaners, and much more. And she wants to be part of your professional resource group afterwards.  Kate will stay in touch and always be there for you to help with questions or referrals.